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Meet Inspirational Speaker – Dean Raasch

He was a healthy, physically fit, 19-year-old college athlete, so everyone thought—the next day, medical test results proved otherwise—young Dean Raasch had become an acute myeloid leukemia victim and was given faint hopes of survival (a frightening 10 – 15 percent)!

Fast-forward more than 25 years later and that young man is now a well-traveled, grown person with heart-felt stories of battles waged and won, large and small. With humor, candid perspectives and touching accounts, inspirational speaker Dean Raasch shares his struggles, his experiences and his passion for life with audiences of all ages and sizes; corporations, professional associations, colleges/universities, schools, retreats, etc..

A champion of life…

Dean’s journey provides a collection of tragedies overcome: surviving cancer, surviving the loss of a parent at a very young age, and more.

Drawing from his personal experiences and the people/places that made a difference in his extraordinary and positive outlook on life, Dean’s insights will quickly gain the interest of everyone in the audience, engaging them in a personal walk-through various life teachings and heart-felt emotions. His delivery will impact the audiences in memorable ways, and inspire them to make a difference in their own individual lives.

Dean has authored and published an inspirational children’s book, “Always Here”, and a second book soon to be published, “Hugs from Heaven”. He is a prominent and successful businessman with a love for inspirational speaking.

What people are saying

“Thanks for coming. You are a true hero. You are strong. Its great that you survived because we got to meet you. I need to be strong like you and not be a scared boy. I look up to you.”
Chris, Student
“Your strength inspires me.  You changed the world by proving it wrong and beating the odds.  Thank you for coming in and teaching us and sharing your story.  You made a difference.”
Dani, Student
“Thank you for coming into our class and telling your story about how you beat cancer.  your story was powerful and I loved listening to it.”
Neal, Student